R1ZOM4 – Number

Released September 09 2018 via Oxyorange

Easily one of the hardest working labels to form in recent years, the Mannheim-based Oxyorange label are preparing to share their third compilation, ‘ATLAS’, merely 5 months after their last offering. The 10-track collection is a heady dose of nightmarish club sounds that borrow rhythms from dancehall and dembow and blend them with the aesthetics of industrial dance music. Quite aptly, this global sound (with no cultural ‘home town’ to speak of) was created by producers spanning the globe, from Japan to Mexico.

We’re very excited to be premiering the video for R1ZOM4’s incendiary track, ‘Number’. This intense, rave-meets-tribal drum workout has been given a haunting visual track by XOF, who also has a track on the release. He’s a quote from the artist on his influences for this video:

“For me the track has a rushed feeling, almost some kind of panic to it. I had those great illustrations ‘Neurotic Symptoms’ by Boris Artzybasheff lying around and they perfectly fit the theme of a anxiety and paranoia… The second inspiration was ‘The Crystal Ball’ by John William Waterhouse. I really like the idea of digital media as some kind of self-hypnotic, occult glass ball. You can take a very deep look into it, but at some point it all becomes a mush of colors and flashes.“

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