Haji K (Nico Niquo) – Why Do They Hate Us So

Released May 31 2019 via Salmon Universe

The next instalment from Salmon Universe is a 14 artist odyssey, including exploratory ambient electronica from the UK, Japan, Australia, and Canada.

Our pick of the compilation is the textured and gliding ‘Why Do They Hate Us So’ by Haji K aka Nico Niquo. Perfectly accompanied with visuals put together by Dan Tombs, who has created the live visuals for artists such as Jon Hopkins, James Holden, Factory Floor and Gold Panda.

Dan created the clip using an analogue video synth, he elaborates:
“The video is entirely created using the LZX video synthesis Eurorack system, which allows me to generate the shapes and colours in real time whilst listening to the track.

“I’m constantly recording the output from the synth and shape and refine performances using video software from multiple takes till I get the finished edit. The signal is stabilised and colour graded in the computer, but very little else added or affected to the image.”

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