Big Hands – Untitled (More Than Love)

Released December 14 2017

It’s no secret we’re into the visual aspect of music just as much as the sonic side. This video was created, painted and written by Lorenzo Premuroso aka T.R.E. and produced with N films in collaboration with 2D animators Laura N-Tamara and Jamie Bakewell. It’s a pleasure to bring you the exclusive watch of what is a captivating, albeit pleasingly odd accompaniment to a sick track.

““More than love” is abstract, full transcendence. With “love” I mean the Love, with the big L: we love something, we love somebody, but if we want to feel the Love we must go further, beyond ourselves, even accepting to destroy what we are in the name of what or who we love.

The Child in my video is so naive, he / she doesn’t have fear of monsters cause he / she doesn’t have fear of pushing his / her limits pursuing the Target of Pleasure, looking through the door / window exploring them and exploding in a vivid light. Child is pure impulse.

The Woman in my video, with a strong personality and Ego, represents the Awareness, which is the biggest wall to overcome for an Adult pursuing the Love and the Pleasure. She has fear to change herself, to accept changing.

We’d need to be Child, never stop growing, even if this means destroying everything.” – Lorenzo Premuroso.

‘Untitled (More Than Love)’ is taken from Big Hands debut EP on Beat Machine Records, “Arcane Mosaics”, released back in December 2017.

We’ve been onto Big Hands since we Premiered his ‘Loreto’s Bench’ track a while back – keep an eye on him.