Premiere: Worli – Vacillating Point [JEROME]


Worli is a Brazilian-born DJ/producer part of Sobborghi crew and Club Cristallo and DRIFT KINGS collectives.

Over the last year hes released his debut EP via Classical Trax, collaborated several times with FINAL KINGDOM RECORDS and JEROME, contributed to Brunswick Sound’s, Radar Radio’s and DNTFK’s comps as producer, playing as guest on radio platforms such as Radar Radio, NTS and Rinse France and as resident for Club Cristallo and Sobborghi.

LolloFromOs (Lorenzo Clementi) is an Italian visual artist and video-maker specialising in 3d graphic and animation. ‘Vacillating point’ video represent an empty office coming to life at night with odd and dreamlike figures. The intent was to make a video using 3d technique to give a cartoonish/anime aspect.


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