Mike Drones & Loëpa – Bad Habit

Released February 15 2019 via Deep Cover

Upstart Oxford-based record label Deep Cover deliver the debut EP release from Mike Drones & Loëpa, an experimental electronic duo from Leeds. Known for his work with envelope-pushing collectives such as Permahigh and 8MANA, producer Mike Drones unites with entrancing songstress, poet and frequent partner-in-crime Loëpa for this long-awaited project.

Across these five tracks, snatches of Loëpa’s highly-emotive, tortured narratives on love, sex & betrayal fluctuate in and out of Drones’ glitched-out, churning production. Demonstrating a dizzying proficiency across many styles, the EP’s soundscapes incorporate elements of footwork, breakbeat and IDM. Whether evoking the colourful trap maximalism of Hudson Mohawke, or a glistening pop sensibility reminiscent of Mura Masa, the project retains a familiar, nocturnal rave-sadness. Loëpa’s detailed lyrical vignettes explore female empowerment and vulnerability in equal measure; from stumbled-upon infidelity ‘Stayed a little longer than I ought to…Wish you could have seen your face’, to the defiant motto-for-the-ages ‘age old thing ‘bout bad girls is they do what they like.’

The titular first single ‘Bad Habit’ finds a balance between these extremes; its earworm hook yearning after a lost love from the dancefloor in the early hours – ‘come on lover light a little fire, pick pick me up like a bad habit’. Accompanied by a dark, lustful and disorientating video shot under blacklight, the scope & intricacy of Loëpa & Drones’ vision has only just begun to reveal itself.

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