mutate3k – Inter(net)active

Released November 08 2019 via Edited Arts

Audiovisual label, Edited Arts, is about to push out their 3rd release with an ambient and experimental selection from mutate3k.

The visuals for this premiere were produced by digital artist, Gleb Kostenko. You’re introduced to a monochrome op-art screen, what could be seen as a spikey, glitching laptop keyboard and a window, light searching through the panes…

Once you’ve come out the other side, go hit the button below and experience the full piece in all its sonic opulence. There’s a colab with PAN affiliate Kareem Lotfy you should definitely check. If you’re reading this from London, also click here for details of how to experience the Edited Arts world IRL on November 08 at The Glove That Fits.

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