ITAAAI – Pedigree Convolution

‘Pedigree Convolution’ is a term that attempts to describe the notion of generational relations of diasporic communities. The fusion of the two contrasting words (“Pedigree”, “Convolution”) aims to reflect on the feeling of individuals whose ancestry is impossible to pinpoint to a specific geographical location.

The artists, originally from Tel-Aviv, are currently residing in Berlin. Their return to the “Diasporic Homeland” (Europe/Ashkenaz), from which their grandparents and great-grandparents fled, sparked an interest in the concept of the entanglement of chronological sequences and the way past lives resonate in us today.

Using distorted ancient Hebrew text and snippets of video taken from a 787 Dreamliner’s cockpit, Kimel highlighted the contrast between scattered patches of generational data. ITAAAI’s work reinforces this notion. By using heavily manipulated vocal material and convolution-based sound design, ITAAAI emphasizes these feelings of a familiar yet uncanny home.

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