ClekClekBoom presents “Paris Club Music – Volume 2”

Words from ClekClekBoom:
Paris Club Music… it’s not about a specific genre, or a musical niche but a fresh take on the eternal question : ‘What is dance music?’ – Tom Moulton once said “I never made a dance record, I made records you can dance to.”… This is the spirit of ClekClekBoom.

Residents at the infamous La Machine Du Moulin Rouge club, ClekClekBoom’s team of passionate creative minds collided on the same city’s dance-floors they now dominate. Headed by long-term cohorts Ministre X, Boo and French Fries, the collective have developed a genuine, tangible sound that has no boundaries. Not even the city limits could contain this sound… They’re now proud residents London’s Fabric.

ClekClekBoom deal in physical, lean, naked grooves. Timeless tracks that echo with nuances of dub just as much as they do Detroit. Honest grooves, boiled down to their most efficient and visceral expressions.

Following last year’s inaugural “Paris Club Music” volume, the collective come together once again with a snap shot of their 2014 sound. This new harvest contains eight of their most notable releases from the past 12 months & eight straight up exclusives produced especially for the Paris Club Music Compilation Vol 2. Each track neatly reminding us just how well ClekClekBoom have chiseled their motifs and signatures in the two and a half years that have passed since switching from a social collective to a constantly evolving label.

Featuring familiar faces (French Fries, Coni, Bambounou and Manaré), and new signees (Aleqs Notal, NSDOS, Jean Nipon, Aethority) alike, the whole set runs with slick, rhythmic conspiracy ready to burn your ears. The guys tell us this particular set was inspired by cyborgs, lo-fi and Chicago’s ghetto grooves. Most of all, though, it was inspired by Paris: the city that’s dancing to their very own 808 drum.


CD 1 – Exclusives

01. Nsdos “Standalone Sunset”
02. Manaré “Automat”
03. Aleqs Notal “Near Mint”
04. French Fries “Got It”
05. Jean Nipon “Untitled Girl”
06. Coni “Basic Circle”
07. Bambounou “Idem”
08. Aethority “Ostinato 6.52”

CD 2 – Archives

01. French Fries “Everthing”
02. Coni “Flip”
03. Aethority “Niceness”
04. Nsdos “Meriden S-Dos”
05. French Fries “Bug Noticed”
06. Aleqs Notal “Ancient Theory”
07. French Fries “Change The Past”
08. Coni “The Opposite”

Release on digital and limited edition heavy weight 180g 2×12″ vinyl
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis Mastering
Distributed by Rush Hour (Vinyl) & Idol Music (Digital)

Vinyl & Digital: July 7th 2014