Off Peak exists as a new collaborative feature between record label 48k and Insert which aims to tap into those recreational tracks that DJs and producers listen to in their down time, giving an insight into the sounds they feel, but don’t fit into a club context. The guidelines for this feature are challenging for the artist but important for instance, a certain portion of the tracks should be from non-male identifying artist and at least 25% created by people of colour. It’s a pleasure to have New York hailing QRTR launch our new article with what is a succinct and replay-able list.

"I’ve shaken loose a lot of feelings and people that don’t serve me anymore. I cut some of them off abruptly but with purpose..."

When you sent us this playlist over, you said about it: “I’m really inspired by the new year right now and the idea of shaking things up and letting emotions loose in an effort to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me.” Could you expand a bit more on that—the theme behind the playlist, and how it relates to how you’re feeling about starting 2018?

I am obsessed with making playlists. I make one for each year of my life, I make them for different moods and environments, I invite friends to collaborate on them. I look back at all these playlists and treat them like time capsules, embodying a specific period or point in my life that opened doors to new sounds and feelings and perhaps closed the door on old ones. As I was curating this specific playlist for 48k & Insert, I was reflecting a lot on 2017 and what this new year means for me. I’ve shaken loose a lot of feelings and people that don’t serve me anymore. I cut some of them off abruptly but with purpose, so now I reflect and actively find the courage to be better than my past actions, behaviors and circumstances. With these selections, I’ve tried to encompass that feeling of really shaking things off via some bouncy records with the ultimate goal of settling back into yourself and taking the time to feel again with some cerebral and melancholy tunes. Lose yourself then find yourself again.

What do you want listeners to get out of this playlist? Is there an ideal setting in which you imagine it being listened to?

I want people to feel something and I want them to dance. I want them to throw this playlist on in their bedroom with some dimmed lights and groove with no one watching. Then through that journey, end up in a comfy position, relaxing in their sanctuary with a clearer mind and sharper focus than before. Hopefully inspired and ready to take on whatever burden has been weighing heavy on them.

If you had to pick a favourite tune from this playlist, could you, and what would it be?

“How Far” by Tei Shi. When I discovered this track, I think I must have replayed it maybe ten times? I mean, I haven’t been so blown away by a song on every level the way I was when I initially heard this one. Gave me chills, and really speaks to the idea of letting go of people and behaviors that just don’t work for you anymore. “How far it can take me before it forsakes me?” How you can be your own worst enemy sometimes/find yourself projecting the things you hate onto other people and vice versa. It’s just so fucking good!

"It’s energetic, but heavy and somehow simultaneously hopeful. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to make my own music."

What record, album, or piece of music do you have on repeat right now—or if not music, what’s really inspiring you right now?

“Confessions, Pt. III” by BadBadNotGood & Colin Stetson. I’ve been obsessed with BadBadNotGood since 2014, but this single blows my mind every time I hear it. Discovered it months ago and still can’t stop playing it. For me, it is the sound of living in a city. I have no other way of explaining how it makes me feel. It’s energetic, but heavy and somehow simultaneously hopeful. Every time I hear it, it makes me want to make my own music.

What dates or projects should people be on the lookout for from QRTR / .WAVCAVE in the coming months? Shameless-plug whatever you’d like.

I’ll be making my debut at Brooklyn’s Good Room on February 1st as well as debuting my live setup at Brooklyn Bazaar on February 3rd. On March 10th, .WAVCAVE will be putting together an event at Icon in Boston, MA featuring Harvard Bass, Dee Diggs, myself + more – you can sign up for the newsletter on our website for more info!