V/A – Monstart Vol.5 [Monstart]


Montpellier and Paris-based clubnight and label Monstart follow up from a stellar 2016 crammed full of eclectic releases, parties and Rinse France shows with their 5th compilation to date. Headed up by one of France’s finest DJs, Ouanounou and visionary dancer Chatte

Chatoyante, “Monstart Vol. 5” is a love letter to the club and the physical experiences it can offer. Having cut their teeth as promoters before forming the label, there’s a performative element to everything they put out which makes it hard not to bust a groove when you hear a Monstart track. As Ouanounou notes, ‘Dance and music must be associated for us, we can’t even imagine a party without more than just DJs performing.’

Building on their vision of an international club sound that represents artists from all around the world, the release features artists from Lithuania, Zambia, Germany, Russia, USA, Denmark and, of course, France. Whilst compilations of Night Slugs- esque club tracks from multiple nationalities has become a stereotyped calling card for small labels like Monstart, what makes this album stand apart from the sea of ‘club-comps’ is how much freedom the producers are given to explore their own sound and identity; pushing the genre to it’s limits. Each track represents a particular feeling, a certain attitude or atmosphere but always it boils down to one focal point; these tracks are made to make you dance and sweat.


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