Soundbwoy Killah – Tom Loves To Rave

Released August 23 2019 via Sneaker Social Club

Through a misty, nostalgic lens of long days and nights lost in front of sound systems, Soundbwoy Killah delivers his much anticipated debut album to Sneaker Social Club. True to previous drops on this and other labels, this is rave romanticism with a bite, as much viewing the good old days with a wry smile as longing for their return. Just listen to the opening strains of “Escape Velocity,” as the MC manages a sticky situation and tries to keep cool while sending the crowd on their way “in an orderly fashion.”

The real art in Soundbwoy Killah’s craft lies in the juxtaposition between these languid, introspective elements and bright, sharply rendered arcs of sound that bring the music right into the foreground. This can be seen clearly in our pick of the EP ‘Tom Loves To Rave’, with its strafing arps this one is sure to stir up some nostalgic feelings while remaining fresh.


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