Released February 23 2021 via POLAAR

A year after dropping his VIP remix of Isandula on POLAAR, SNKLS returns to the Lyon based label for his first full-length release: Half Horn.

Footwork is a huge inspiration to SNKLS, as his previous sophiscated releases on ultra-cool labels such as Le French Work and Club Late show. He produces tunes in which intricate sound design and 808s drum pattern weave in and out of one another, ultimately creating his own planetary footwork system.

Our pick of the release, ‘Half Horn’ is an ode to the sound system in its most extreme form, its low end may be massive enough to do damage on the dancefloor. But its mutant bassline and sound design also push it in the direction of 90’s electronica and IDM Techno.

Rather than playing it safe within the genre’s familiar borders, SNKLS instead uses Footwork as a base from which to incorporate other sounds.

The tracks construction are sometimes straight and sometimes syncopated, taking the listener between techno and footwork without ever releasing the tension, all plunging into a supernatural atmosphere that scrolls at full speed.

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