Scratcha DVA – Mad Hatter / Fly Juice EP

Mad Hatter/Fly Juice, 12 killer tracks built for the club, to be released on Hyperdub, September 30th.

This rather lengthy EP includes previously released tracks for last years Fly Juice release, however ‘Walk It Out’ and ‘Fly Juice’ have been played around with by the master that is DJ Rashad so it’s definitely interesting enough to make you buy the whole EP. Well done Hyperdub, well done.

‘Mad Hatter’ is our most anticipated track on this one but in true Hyperdub fashion it’s hard to find a preview, never the less, you can have a cheeky listen to it in Shox’ Insert Mix here.

Mad Hatter Tracklist (12″):

A1. Mad Hatter
A2. Gang Gang Riddim
B1. Chilli Burritto
B2. Walk It Out (DJ Rashad Slip Away Remix)

01. Mad Hatter
02. Gang Gang Riddim
03. Chilli Burritto
04. Fly Juice 4/4
05. Do It
06. Walk It Out
07. Long St (ft Big Space)
08. Shook
09. Rumours (ft Inga Copeland)
10. Ganja (French Fries Instrumental Remix)
11. Walk It Out (DJ Rashad Remix)
12. Fly Juice (DJ Rashad Remix)