R@ – 2Nite

Released November 27 2019 via SYNES

The release of PATCH 2 signals a new phase for SYNES, an exciting up-and-coming music label based in London. This 14-track compilation is a culmination of years of work, building on previous collaborations with an exciting community of artists to regularly release singles and grow their monthly SYNES Radio show. PATCH 2 boasts a wide range of genres and influences, bringing together producers spanning from Arizona to Finland and combining pulsating, weighty, grime-inflected vibes with soft, organic elements.

In the year since the release of PATCH 1, SYNES have put out singles from FVBIO, Eone, Vexxy, Pholo x Jato, and HEATDEATH1992, with each building on the last and resulting in an impressive overall catalogue. Some of these artists make a big return with tracks on PATCH 2, along with others from the likes of Sombra, Montblanko, Yedgar and B:Thorough. With techy bass riffs and tremoring melodies.

However our pick of the release is another new name to the compilation, R@. A producer known to bring ethereal tones throughout grimy layers on a track.

PATCH 2 maintains a fever pitch throughout and forms an electrifying and gratifying whole, offering a compelling glimpse into the future of grime and bass music.


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