Thugwidow – I’ll Just Cut Myself Open

Released August 27 2019 via Circadian Rhythms

Known for his modernist take on jungle, the somewhat slept-on producer Thugwidow is releasing an EP via Circadian Rhythms next week. The label’s regular NTS show is essential listening for anyone wanting a monthly update of what’s happening in London’s 140bpm music scene. True to their self-described status as a concept label ‘evolving the delivery of sound,’ the imprint is constantly reinventing the way it shares music to its fans. Their 3-track EP for Plata came with another 20 tracks buried online and only convertible with software sold with the release and their recent party had hoodie + SD card bundles up for grabs. On the landing page for Thugwidow’s Automatic Rhythm EP – the labels first digi-only release – there’s a currently defunct ‘steal’ button which we’re going to be keeping an eye on…

‘I’ll Just Cut Myself Open’ is the second track from ‘Automatic Rhythm’, a highly technical bit of warped break-work with some sustained synth ambience and classic sci-fi movie samples layered on top.

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