She’s Drunk – Bae

Released July 12 2019 via Man Recordings

“Bae” is all about emotional lessons, the kinds of moments where you feel a pleasant or unpleasant emotion taking over your mind and body and without judging it, you manage to observe it in order to understand the true nature of it, using it to grow from it. On a side note, it’s a track full of hidden field recordings from She´s Drunk daily life as well as some unexpected melodies like autotuned meowing cats that you can hear in the second half of the track.”— Man Recordings

Need we say more? Maybe. Maybe a bit of context would be helpful. French-born, Berlin-based She’s Drunk is probably one of the most consistent beatmakers we’ve covered over the last few years. Although his style varies, there’s a string running through his output which, even on the heavier stuff, evokes images of the Tropics.

‘Lush EP’ drops today with an accompanying track titled ‘Hayatna’ featuring Outsider. See. Tropical.

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