Sébastien Forrester – Unrest

Released June 14 2019 via Afraa Productions

Sébastien Forrester readies brand new EP ‘Slavo’ on his own imprint Gqomunion to be released on June 14.

Taking influence from a multitude of genres, such as, contemporary French rap, classic pop, r&b pieces from the 00s and of course heavily directed by the hard club sounds of Gqom. 

Sébastien outlines the headspace he was in when writing this ‘Salvo’ EP;
“The last six months have embodied a particularly tense and troubled period in Paris, both on a collective scale and a personal level. Mixed feelings, conflict, anger, doubt, hope, despair and a growing desire to lead a fight – only after finishing a bunch of new tracks I realized how informed by their environment they had been. Some special energy kind of drove me blindly and I naturally let that flow in my sound. The orchid then seemed like a perfect totem to stuck with – strong, feminine, symbol of growth and renewal, glowing as a torch in the night.”

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