SCAM – Tetra Crush ft. Seayams

Released October 12 2018 via DECISIONS

‘Vibrio’, the debut release from Sydney producer SCAM, offers four love songs written for bacteria and molecules. Examining geosmin, luciferase, slime mold, mushrooms, THC, morphine and other companions, the EP zooms in on human encounters with our microscopic kin on Earth to explore the emotional terrain of inter-species and inter-chemical intimacies.

Sonically, ‘Vibrio’ injects OTT emotionality and TMI sentimentality into robust and playful rhythms. This is highlighted in our pick off the EP, Seayams collaboration – ‘Tetra Crush’ – narrativises the search for water and longing for rain so fundamental to our species as assisted by our long-term crush, geosmin (the bacteria that contributes to petrichor: the smell of rain).

A rose-tinted trip through oft-overlooked intimacies between us and our non-human collaborators in Life, ‘Vibrio’ suggests that these entanglements are every bit as flirtatious, devotional and co-dependent as our human relationships.

The EP was written and recorded on Darug and Gadigal land where sovereignty was never ceded. ‘Vibrio’ drops on Friday 12th October via DECISIONS.

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