Samuel Organ – Swamp Engineering (ft. Slugabed)

Released December 21 2018 via Activa Benz

After a few quiet years, eccentric net-label Activia Benz seem to be returning to their usual prolific rate of musical releases. From 2014-16, the oddball collective’s Singles Club was THE destination for free, hair-brained, maximalist bass music that constantly kept you guessing what the next song in the series would sound like. Having released previous TAR signees S280F & Echavox’s heavily glitched out EP ’00_ 618 (what we saw​)​MMMM_0​.​8_____1​(​16​)​1′ in November, its now the turn of Samuel Organ (previously know as Donky Pitch’s Mount Bank) to step up the the plate and deliver another instalment of sonic weirdness with his ‘Serpents of The South​-​West Peninsula’ EP.

‘Swamp Engineering’ is a great example of Samuel Organ and label co-founder Slugabed’s ear for dramatic, synth-lead music. The pair twist and morph bass tones and trap hi-hats to dizzying new highs before giving way to a +2 minute breakdown that endlessly builds into nothing (in true Activia Benz-prankster fashion).


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