Plura & Ekto – Cycloid

Released May 11 2019 via Kaarbanik Sound

Kaarbanik Sound present ‘Unsound’, the debut album by Plura (the new project by Bristol based producer and DJ formerly known as Findingthings). Marking the 14th release on the imprint, in this album Plura shows us her unique view of techno, ambient and bass music, through an intricate use of field recordings, analogue synths and processed vocals. The alluring, ethereal production gives the sense of freedom through its contrasting melodies and sounds, and draws the listener ever closer to the music by combining soothing and cavernous harmonies with rhythmic wreckage, bass weight and found sound.

The conceptual album, consisting of seven tracks (including collaborations with Hartta & Ekto) and original illustrations by Matty Zak, explores the ups and downs of the music industry and its potential effects on mental health. All sales from the album (released digitally and on cassette tape) will be donated to the Music Minds Matter / Help Musicians UK charity. Cassette tapes limited to 50 copies.

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