PlayPlay – Residency

Knightwerk comes through with their usual high standard of heat with a release showcasing the talents of NY-based promoter, professor and all-round music nerd, PlayPlay. As both a DJ and producer, PlayPlay combines brand new percussion-forward club sounds with nostalgic classics. Their music is inspired by what they grew up listening to: acid house, industrial, jungle, breakbeat hardcore, Baltimore club, jock jams, 90s club anthems and 80s new wave.

PlayPlay’s ‘Residency’ is a frenetic affair with a litter of polyrhythmic samples and drum hits arranged and rearranged throughout the track. Here, as well on other from the ‘It’s Only 3am’ EP, PlayPlay’s mission of keeping bodies moving “whilst envisioning a nihilistic queer takeover of dancefloors” is realised with a raucous mixdown which is evocative of the sonic finish we’re used to from ballroom masters.

‘It’s Only 3am’ will be released on 29th of this month. If you’d like to hear more from PlayPlay, they have recently become the Flux Factory’s artist-in-residence where they will be exploring the energy that can be harnessed through nostalgia via a soundscape installations.