Otik – Theia

Released June 14 2019 via DEXT Recordings

Otik has found a home for his recent exploration into beatless and ambient in DEXT Recordings. ‘Theia’ sits alongside three club-ready bits (Bruce on the flip for one of them), but the beauty in this one was too hard to pass on. Otik’s love for low-end driven creations is still present but it ebbs and flows in the midst of bird song and shimmering sonics.

Following releases on Keysound and Midland’s Intergraded, Otik returns in even better form with ‘Oxide EP. We chatted to him ahead of its release…

Your sound swings from ambient soundscapes, ‘Theia’ being an example, to dance-primed vocal cuts and bass-driven club tracks. Would you say this is the result of a sonic exploration or something else?

It’s definitely a result of exploration, I’ve always been really inspired and passionate about a handful of music types, and I’ve been trying to present it all in a way that it fits nicely together as a package. Before it was quite sporadic, and my back catalogue has ranged through a variety of sounds. But the main focus for me lately has been attempting to squeeze emotion and a deep atmosphere into a progressive club track construct and sometimes letting that deep atmosphere stand alone for its own track. I think letting my music evolve and expand more into the techno and ambient world has made that possible in the studio over the last couple of years.

How did this EP come to be?

I’ve had a few releases with DEXT now, they’re kind of a staple label for me. I’m a huge fan of their output and sound. James the label manager has been a big supporter and is always keen to hear new stuff. He wanted to release Tuskanary and Dioxide after picking them out of a bunch of dubs, and then asked me if I had any weightless stuff to make the project more dynamic, so I sent over Theia. I’d been sitting on quite a few ambient pieces but didn’t know how I’d ever get them out, so i was really happy he wanted it on there. James sent the tunes to Larry (Bruce), who’d been a supporter of the label for a while and he really liked them, so he put together a remix for us! The remix is really great too.

What would you say influences your sound?

I’m very inspired by a lot of techno and bass music, and raw percussive club sounds. I listen to ambient quite often, and watch a lot of films too so I’m always finding myself sampling scores or old drone tunes. I listen to some melodic sort of dreamy trap music as well. Even though the lyrics tend to be trash more often than not, but I like the melodies and the beats.

What’s next for your Otik project?

I have another solo EP coming out sometime this year, which has a remix from another exciting producer but I can’t really talk about it yet. I also have 2 remixes on the way!

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