Nara – Terra

Released December 13 2019 via Super Kitchen

London-based label Super Kitchen continue their mission to break-in new artists intent on slamming modernist musical impulses into direct dance floor workouts. Nara’s full-length debut EP ‘There Is No Sky’ is a personal dive into European and British rave culture, primed for London’s latest resurgence of warehouse and squat parties.

Raised in Pisa, Nara grew up immersed in Italian party scenes. Now resident in London, where she studies audio engineering and DJs at a local circuit of underground events, this EP is a clash of worlds and a snapshot of formative points in time. It condenses the highs and lows of past and recent club experiences into five abrasive and determined tracks, balancing introspective melodies and clever hardcore references with a solid focus on the peak-time adrenaline rush.

We were immediately drawn to the industrial hard drum ‘Terra’. With its intense energy driven drum lines, ‘Terra’ is a track that serves as the EP closer but leaves you wanting more and more from Nara.

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