More // Night – Ghost Note

Released July 20 2018 via Trapdoor Records

20 year old More // Night continues to make us feel old/unproductive this week by releasing his debut album ‘Double Slash’ via Trapdoor Records. His high energy productions are reminiscent of wonky legends like Rustie or Hudson Mohawke if they swapped their hip-hop influences for more of a garage & UK funky focus. The Shrewsbury native is a great addition to the label’s roster which boasts releases from other low-end experimenters such as Mura Masa, L U C Y and JD. Reid.

Today we’re sharing the LP’s closer, ‘Ghost Note’; a vibrant and textural grime beat full of sonic layers to sink your teeth into. Slowed down from the 140 BPM norm we’d expect to hear on such a track, this lower tempo gives space for all the elements of the song to breathe; whether it’s the long-release squarewaves or the trill melody line weaving in-and-out of the percussion.

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