Low End Activist – Low End Activism

Released November 01 2019 via Sneaker Social Club

Modernist hardcore imprint Sneaker Social Club welcomes Low End Activist into the fold with the release of his ‘Low End Activism’ record. Drawing on soundsystem culture and it’s social function in Afro-Caribbean communities, Low End Activist drew inspiration from a VHS recording of Muzikon Sound System, captured in 1988 at the Blackbird Leys summer fair in Oxford, UK. The fair was a symbol of the unity of the Blackbird Leys estate, a multi-ethnic working class community bound together both by the looming presence of the car factory, where a large portion of the residents worked, but also the long-standing social divide in Oxford between the academics of the university and the exploited and marginalised labour hired to cook meals and scrub toilets for them.

Located in the middle of the release, the self titled track of ‘Low End Activism’ is a spatial roller that channels the raw energy, bass pressure & sonic dread that sound system music is best-known for.

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