Loom – Illegal Dave (Fuck the Council)

Released September 06 2019 via NOTTH

London based producer Loom is back after a two year hiatus with his most club ready work to date. The two track single collapses down the hardcore continuum at breakneck speed – picking up modern tropes of the darker side of the UK’s clubland along the way. South London, a warehouse party, a huge sound system, the warm rush, 50 quid lighter in the pocket – you can sense these experiences bubbling through into his music.

Our pick of the EP ‘Illegal Dave (Fuck the Council)’ offers room for introspection. Familiar fans will no doubt recognise his unique use of melody drawing the listener closer – offering a portal into a world juxtaposed between adrenaline soaked club music and faded nostalgia.

This is the first of a 5 part series of singles where Loom will explore shades of UK music, modelled around a club framework.


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