LETE – Incarnations

Released August 03 2018 via Xenonyms

The latest addition to Xenonyms’ catalogue is the debut release from OVER SEER member L3T3. A 23 year old producer from the city of Cracow. ‘CARE’ EP is an exciting piece of contemporary music influenced by various genres such as witch house, coldwave and experimental music.

L3T3 carefully selects his sounds on this EP in an attempt to render the processes that take place in his body, mind & soul. His music also offers a personal take on the concepts of post-humanity, the expanding of sensual experiences and a new era of hi-tech.

Our pick off the EP is ‘Incarnations’. A track that will have the listener leaping into a twisted industrial world carried on a synth, which does well to replicate an overly distorted string ensemble backed up with harder hitting drum lines.


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