Julz Da Deejay – Midnight Bang

Released October 03 2018 via Liquorish Records

Off the back of recent releases from Canadian dubwise experimenters Seekersinternational through to grime outsider Morten HD, Liquorish Records yet again demonstrates the breadth of the label’s output with a new release from an artist at the cutting edge of Gqom, Julz Da Deejay. A relatively unknown name in the Northern hemisphere (compared to the likes of Rudeboyz and DJ Lag), the young producer has made a name for himself in Durban and amongst tastemakers for his innovative take on the genre, pushing the aesthetic boundaries of Gqom and its tropes.

Out pick from his new EP is ‘Midnight Bang’, a master class in dynamics and mood which heavily nods to 90s dance music for it’s tonal inspiration. Much like trance music, it’s easy to get lost in Julz’ hypnotic polyrhythms and economically deployed samples on this track.

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