India Jordan – Through Lacuna

Released May 03 2019 via Local Action

Doncaster born, London based India Jordan releases her debut EP through Local Action next month. Co-founder of the New Atlantis ambient social and label (alongside Deadboy), she can also be found DJing full throttle club music, with early rave and hardcore influences shining through. This approach to club DJing is encapsulated in her new EP, with hardcore breaks, infectious vocals, reese basslines and beautiful gated trance synths to be found throughout.

While this may at first seem a far cry from her focus on ambient music (through New Atlantis and her ‘The Sound Of…’ shows + blog), the trancey euphoria of ‘Through Lacuna’ connects the dots between floaty, weightless ambient and the club. Both genres share meditative, transportive abilities, the former through beatless, sedative introspection, and the latter through its ability to take you somewhere else on the dancefloor. ‘Through Lacuna’ does just that, with shimmering pads, digital birdsong and breaksy percussion that make it a real journey.

‘DNT STP MY LV’ is out May 3 on Local Action, and there’s a launch party at Peckham’s Rye Wax on May 2. You can pre-order the EP below, and cop tickets for the party here.

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