Hartta and Findingthings – Solstice

Released August 31 2018 via Dissident Sound

Having only been formed this January by Brighton-based duo Heritage, Dissident Sound are already lining up their fourth release of the year, “Dissident Sound: Volume One”. The compilation is true to the label’s ethos; to release a variety of styles of music influenced by UK rave sounds.

Just in time for day 2 of Notting Hill Carnival, we just had to pick Hartta & Findingthings’ closer of the release, “Solstice”. Jungle meets acid house as hyped-up breakbeats skitter and slip-roll over a 303 bassline… Not one for the faint of heart.

‘Dissident Sound: Volume One’ will be available as a free download from 31st August from the label’s Soundcloud.

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