Hanah – Brace Position Mixtape Bonus

Released December 19 2019 via Data Musicalism

Massively excited to share this one with you. A 2 track Premiere of Parisian producer and resident of the famous Fusion mes Couilles and 75021 parties, Hanah.

Back in December, Hanah dropped 50 DAT cassettes with 2 x 30-minute mixes recorded live in Paris. Alongside the tape, buyers would get 2 exclusive tracks, ‘Single Shot Error’ and ‘Fault Tolerant’.

‘Fault Tolerant’ is coloured in early grime with a tinge of Zomby whilst ‘Single Shot Error’ is something totally different. Slow building and minimal, it crashes in amen breaks out of nowhere over an intricate bed of pads and echoing claps. Couldn’t pick a favourite if you asked us to so we’re Premiering both as Hanah puts both up for download on the Data Musicalism Bandcamp.

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