Galtier – Tremble (feat. Noire)

Released June 28 2019 via Nostro Hood System

Galtier, heralding the expedition to the Nostro Hood aboard the ‘Phainesthai’ on a decade-long mission, has returned to earth with the vessel; carrying three creations on board that materialised into existence during his time on the planet Luuos -a gaseous-based sphere renowned for its capacity to infiltrate biological life that enters its atmosphere and synthesise their inner self into atomised matter.

Juxtaposed against the textural, thematic ‘Terran’ EP released last year on Infinite Machine, ‘Luuos’ Output’ takes a more club-ready approach, with a much more strict focus on the development of rhythm and movement -both flowing and driving and oblique through careful syncopation. Galtier discards the euphoric, hopeful textures laden through ‘Terran’ and harnesses a rolling, almost percussive quality to his sound palette, both melodically and instrumentally.

Our pick of the EP is ‘Tremble’, a collaborative effort with drum lord Noire (NHS/Sans Absence/Super Kitchen). Galtier harnesses the chaos of triplet rhythm and withdraws more traditional percussive influences in place of synthetic, mechanised hardware.

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