Circuit 900 – Lines

Released February 08 2019 via Monstart

More than two years after their first collaboration, Monstart Records and Circuit 900 are proud to announce the release of ‘Sapientia’ on February 8, 2019, the new EP by the Danish duo and 14th release of the French label.

Nicolas Hansen and Jens Madsen created Circuit 900 a couple of years after meeting and exchanging music on Soundcloud. Since “Couch King”, their first EP (also released on Monstart), the two producers developed a percussive and drum-focused music with inspirations from uk bass, tribal house and uk funky.

This EP is a turning point of a new year full of eclectic releases for the Montpellier/Paris based label and promoter Monstart, also celebrating its 10th birthday this year.

Once Ouanounou’s and Chatte Chatoyante teeth were cutted as promoters, Monstart was born. Renown Dj and visionary dancer, they decided to infuse their science of the scene into everything they touched, making Monstart hard to miss when you like to groove.

Each EP is a love letter to the clubbing and physical experiences it offers as you can feel listening to the impressive Monstart Vol.5 compilation, released in 2017.


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