Premiere: Callosum – Fire [Nostro Hood System]


Following on from Nostro Hood System’s Barow ‘Des Grains’ EP – being a release suggestive of finding one’s roots and growth – New York based Callosum undergoes an ascension, presenting a selection of truly energetic, emotive tracks that sit comfortably between the realm of club music and musical prowess.

The EP name ‘Tenaya’ is taken directly from its source – the Tenaya Peak in the Yosemite High Country – a place where strange ecology and otherworldly scale combine in a sense of profound euphoria. Callosum captures this experience brilliantly through his NHS release, harnessing the sensation of connectedness he feels to the planet he occupies.

Our personal pick off the EP is ‘Fire’. A track that switches up the pace of the overall EP, slowing down drastically from its predecessor. Thumping drums meld with crushing claps that together create a powerful unison with the exultant melody generated through both synthetic and organic sound.

Callosum ‘Tenaya’ will be released digitally on November 17th.


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