Premiere: Broken Haze – RX-7 [Raid System]

Raid System label co-owner and point-man for the BetaPack collective, Broken Haze, returns with another heady instalment of frenetic club tracks on his ‘MZD EP’. His maximalist and mechanical approach to production always makes for an exhilarating listen and, much like last year’s ‘VTEC’ and ‘Nizmo’ EPs, this release confidently carries on this tradition of full-on sonic assault.

‘RX-7’ was a stand-out track for us from the release, (so much so that we had to play it as soon as we could on our last NTS show). Over it’s 5 minute run-time the track never stops evolving or taking head-spinning turns through the dense textural landscape Broken Haze has constructed with his palette of sounds.

‘MZD EP’ will be released digitally on 25th April.

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