Premiere: Borai & Denham Audio – Ladies and Gentlemen [Club Glow]

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Borai and Denham Audio kick off their new Club Glow imprint with an impressive 12 track instalment of rave tracks that you can buy in digital or in pink cassette form this Friday.

Our favourite from the release is the gnarly ‘Ladies and Gentlemen.’ The track is a masterclass in dynamics with layers of slowed and cut up breakbeats, an dual-voice bassline and the classic motif of sampling a live concert announcer all present on this beat.

We caught up with the guys behind ‘Club Glow Vol. 1’ before it’s release to ask them about the state of rave music and the motivation behind the release:

How do you feel about this breakbeat/rave revivalism that Tessela and Special Request (and you guys) have ushered in?

Borai: I for one am a big fan. I love the way that it is kinda free from the old ways of sticking to one BPM or set of “rules”. I grew up in the jungle/DnB era and it was very strict and there was a lot of politics. People would cuss you out for using the wrong baseline or sampling something that had been used before. I always felt that that way of doing things was really backward.

I also really like the fact that breakbeats have come back. I was missing them for a few years so its nice to be able to chop up a wicked break again and have people really enjoy it.

Denham Audio: It’s exciting to bring an old style of music back from the 90s to a completely new crowd of people. Obviously we put out own modern spin on the sound but it’s great to take inspiration from an era when dance music and rave culture were in their infancy.

What makes this wave so exciting to you? Is it taking those 90s rave sounds and running them through newer tech/VSTs? 

Borai: Maybe, although for me it’s mostly the other way round, I start with really clean crisp samples and run them through some nasty outboard!

Denham: For us I think the most exciting bit is replicating these sounds from when we were kids and seeing some of the original people from that era/scene supporting and enjoying what we’ve done.

Do you guys have more plans lined up in terms of releases or events for this release?

Borai: There is a plan to do a follow up. So far this tape has been really well received and I’m more confident than ever in the music we are making.

Denham: We always have a couple of releases in the pipeline ready to go! The next one were excited about fuses dub/reggae sounds into our music which has worked very nicely indeed. Its also features collaborations with some artists and producers who we really look up to. (Plus ‘Club Glow Vol. 2’ is already in progress).

And why did the cassette format appeal to you guys?

Borai: I’ve had releases on digital and vinyl but never really a tape. I used to listen to tapes when I was a kid and the thought of being able to dig out my old walkman was kinda fun. The Denham guys came up with the original suggestion of putting out a tape and I was very quick in saying yes! It’s also far cheaper to manufacture a tape as opposed to a vinyl record, so that meant we could put it out ourselves and fund it entirely without having to rely on a label.

Denham: Again its just adding to the 90s narrative in a fun novelty way that is unique to us. Although the tapes our effectively a dead music format its a nice little collectors item for anyone in to our style of music. Fear not however they do come with mp3s!

‘Club Glow Vol. 1’ will be released this Friday.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]