Premiere: BK Beats – Rust [Sidechains]


Los Angeles-based producer BK Beats’ lines up his new EP ‘Memory/Paths’ to be released on Australian label Sidechains.

‘Memory/Paths’ is an invigorating and refreshing collection of tracks, which weave seamlessly into one another. Angelic flutes and woodwinds glide through carefully placed negative space as BK Beats skilfully layers soft guitar plucks with vocal samples and immersive percussion. The EP has a melancholic, but thoughtful, quality, as emotions seem to develop and deepen as each song unfolds.

Our pick off the EP, ‘Rust’ presents the direct interaction between the synthetic and natural as metallic sampling and a powerful kick drum-intensive beat play against lush, reverberated bells and ethereal, layered melodies. The result is a track which captures the soothing feeling of nostalgia and the recollection of old memories. BK Beats has described the EP as capturing the experience of entering a ‘time capsule’.