Ben Ritz – Imaginary Number Generator

Released September 27 2019 via Sweat Equity

Sweat Equity are proud to announce their latest release, a 5-track debut from the mind of New York’s Ben Ritz.

Ritz understands the possibilities at high speeds, the point where the ceaseless and the subtle coalesce into a slamming cut. Over the course of five tracks, Ritz showcases his unique brand of high-tensile techno, a serrated alien funk that draws its propulsive energy from its intricate sense of spatial tension and sudden alterations of energy and groove.

A digger and a dancer at heart, Ritz’s work unites disparate histories to arrive at something that feels distinct and considered. Drawing energy and inspiration from his live sets, his studio practice pulls from these same deft switches in texture and tone, paralleled against relentless drum arrangements.