Basic Rhythm – New Style

Released February 15 2019 via Sneaker Social Club

Hardcore lover Anthoney Hart (aka Imaginary Forces aka East Man) is returning to his Basic Rhythm moniker with the release of his ‘New Style’ EP on Sneaker Social Club later this month. Initially finding success as a pirate radio DJ in the 90s, Anthony’s Basic Rhythm project draws on the elements of the UK rave sounds he used to play out; reducing them down to their component parts to rebuild them in his own retrofuturist design. Much like Insert favourites Demdike Stare, his output retains the dualism of euphoria and dread found in hardcore records but recontextualizes them away from the somewhat rigid structures of jungle or DnB.

Title track ‘New Style’ is a stab-heavy track full of clattering percussion and synths that seem to hop on, off and around the beat very freely. Despite the somewhat haphazard impression the sounds can make on the ear, Hart’s very intricate arrangement makes for an extremely rhythmic broken beat.

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