Avbvrn – Fibers

Released August 19 2018 via Bio Future Lab

‘Topography of Fiction’ the compilation forthcoming on the Bio Future Lab imprint, a sub label of Eco Futurism Corporation. The compilation is the third part of a series dealing with “topographies of fiction about virtual mirages and CGI illusions, which became attributes of the world of ‘post-truth’.”

Our pick of the compilation is Avbvrn’s ‘Fibers’. Avbvrn describes ‘Fibers’ as:
“Fibers melds sounds of an imagined workspace together to create a hybrid spatial experience. The track references mechanical processes and draws attention to their inherent human dimensions through subtle use of vocal samples that have been drastically manipulated and deformed. Nevertheless, care was put into designing sounds that seem to have a human origin but are in fact not. The track itself operates in a similar way with a structure and form that defies easy categorization.”

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