Agrippa – Squid Girls

Released May 31 2019 via Par Avion

Par Avion boss, Agrippa, hands over the first track from his next EP ‘Dead Wait’. Hyperactive and percussive, ‘Squid Girls’ pushed us to dig a bit deeper. Below, Agrippa gives us a candid insight into his work and label.

How did ‘Dead Wait’ come to be?

I suppose my favourite feeling to try get across in the club is a sort of tension or anxiety, and I guess since finding my own ‘voice’ or ‘sound’ with my music, over the last year or so, it’s meant I’ve focussed in on this a lot more recently.

As with most of my releases so far, my music is often a way of expressing the anxiety / worry I feel about different situations in my life. I recently finished studying and have been facing the prospect of finding the right place for myself moving forward, as well as, like most of us, feeling a lot of things about the current political situation here in the UK. This has felt like quite a lonely and anxious place so most of the tunes either are a direct reflection of this, as with ‘Dead Wait’, or inspired by one of the many escapist tactics I’ve employed during this weird period. One of these is reading sci-fi / fantasy books, hence the reference to ‘Dune’ with ’Spice Raiders’.

Do you have a vision for Par Avion as an imprint or is it more of a fluid project?

Great question! We’ve been so pleasantly surprised with all the interest early doors, so would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has listened to and enjoyed our music already! In terms of the imprint, I started it originally with the simple aim of affording Henry Greenleaf and Meta a platform to release their music on vinyl, as they’re so talented and sitting on so much material. In launching and designing the label, though, myself and Henry have massively enjoyed identifying the main focus and direction, artistically speaking. Namely by playing with the interface between older, organic, physical media and digital media, hence the focus on digitally fragmenting our stamp designs etc. It’s been super interesting so far and I can’t wait to show more of what we have planned.

As far as extending our platform, we’ve enjoyed the chance to put on a few showcase shows so far, with more in planning. By the end of 2019 we should have a solid bed of releases and will have introduced our first guests, which I hope will give us the springboard for taking the next steps such as running Par Avion parties in bristol, London and beyond! For the rest of the year, personally, I’ll be jetting about trying to spread our music, not least on my trip to Bass Coast with Version’s Orson!

The track we’re premiering here and now is exactly what we look for in the music we push. Futuristic, a bit wonky with a new idea at its core. What inspired ’Squid Girls’?

Firstly, thanks so much! Secondly, the inspiration for the track is quite a weird one. I was finishing my finals at the time of writing it, and was becoming increasingly isolated in my sort of ‘study hell’. I remember feeling quite a lot of envy for people my age who were a lot more free and autonomous during this time, and in particular, as is so often the case, being overexposed to their fun on social media; only fueling this feeling. The title is actually a stupid deconstruction of the phrase ‘squad goals’, I guess just reflecting the frustration and anxiety I felt at that time around this quite socially isolated situation I was in.

As far as the track itself goes, I’ve always had a bit of an over-obsession with melody, sometimes to a fault, especially in making music for the club. This is something I’ve manage to begin to slowly fix, mostly through the conversations with Paleman (shouts to Cal), who I appreciate massively for all the guidance and advice over the last 4 (wow what?!) years. For me, Squid Girls was the first tune in which I really nailed the balance between club focus and melody, so have been excited to share it for a while!

What’s next from your Agrippa project and of course your Par Avion label?

I should have a couple 12s coming out via various other channels over the next 12 months or so! Of course I’ll be reappearing on Par Avion, eventually too! Not really too much I can say about those yet though, unfortunately. Having spent a lot of time in the studio over the last 6 months or so, I’ll be focussing on getting back to gigging for a little while, catch my Boiler Room debut too b2b Orson on 13th July!
As far as the label goes, we’ll have further releases from Meta, Henry Greenleaf by the end of the year. We’ll also be revealing some new additions to the roster, who I’m sure will make everyone notice them when the time comes!

Massive thank you to the Insert gang for running such a cool platform for so many years!

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