1.5L, Ancestral Vision & Giek_1 – epicureanism 19:19

Released November 26 2019 via CLM / GUN

Inspired by a free and open-source approach to sharing software, Club Late Music’s GUN project (Global URL Nation) is a community of musicians and artists devoted to fostering collaboration and disseminating resources online. For their latest compilation, entitled ‘EMERGENCE’, members of GUN were randomly grouped together and allowed to freely collaborate on music that would then be released by Club Late Music. The interplay of the 13 artists and their disparate musical styles colliding and coalescing has created a whole is stronger than the sum of its individual parts.

On ‘epicureanism 19:19’, 1.5L, Ancestral Vision & Giek_1 have taken the oh-too-popular internet sensation of ASMR videos and given it counterintuitively unnerving edge. The soothing narration lists out a manner of things that are far from calming (‘abandonment’, ‘being chased’, ‘all aspects of death’) before giving way to a trancey, hard drum type beat.

‘EMERGENCE’ is due out on 26 November. If you’d like to find out how to join the GUN project community, please email gun@clublatemusic.com

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