Plastician – Blenz

Plastician’s testament;

“Yo! I’ve just uploaded a brand new tune to Soundcloud. I’m in the process of finishing up a few bits for an E.P. which will be on a grimy tip. I’ve got a few tracks that I started late last year which are in the process of getting finished up.

This could possibly be the last E.P. I produce under the Plastician alias. Moving forward as I’m trying to seperate what I do as a producer from what I do as a DJ. Anyone who has been listening to my radio show or came to see me play a show lately will know I’ve broadened my selection to incorporate all kinds of music that excites me. This has been going fantastically well and has invigorated me to produce music taking these new influences on board.

I’m working on some really fresh sounding stuff at other tempos currently which will definitely not be released under the Plastician alias. I’ve always been into the idea of things getting big for the right reasons. And although I take great pride in who I am and what I’ve achieved, what comes with this is a sense of blurred vision created by the hype that surrounds your brand. We live in a world where our every move is watched through the window of the internet. It’s easy to get caught up in things we read about ourselves and I’m a major culprit for this. With so many followers on various networking sites, I want to strip it back to the old days. Producing under an alias will be like starting out fresh for me, meaning people will only be hearing the music and buying the music purely on merit as opposed to the fact I’m riding on past successes. I sometimes wonder if people are only listening to the music I make because my name is well known, so this alias thing is a bit like an experiment. As the music I’m working on currently doesn’t really fit anywhere at the moment I feel it needs to mature naturally, just like my music did back in 2002 when it didn’t really sit in with grime, or garage, or dubstep.

Also, as I’ve experienced from watching the movements of other producers onto pastures new, people come to expect a certain sound from you as a producer. When this sound changes, or matures – fans become upset that you’re “not sticking to your roots” or “selling out”. For whatever reason they give, they cannot conceive the fact that an artist may just wish to express themselves through other mediums. While it’s easy for you all to reply now telling me to “just do what you want to do”. It becomes increasingly difficult to do that. For some time my head was awash with negative energy from so many different sources that it became impossible to be productive. Essentially, producing under another alias will allow me to do exactly that – produce the music I want to produce without judgement based on the Plastician / Plasticman legacy.

While I won’t rule out more Plastician productions in future, for now Plastician the DJ is going to continue concentrating on playing the music I love, and producing music under a seperate alias that attempts to bridge the gaps between all of the music I play, just as I always have, just without the expectancy of this sound to resemble something I produced 8 years ago.

So, with all that said….. Here is a new PLASTICIAN track called BLENZ. For those interested in hearing what I’m working on currently – I’m sure if you listen to my radio show you’ll be hearing them soon enough (in some cases, already) – you just might not know they are by me!”