musicallfastintheclub – Mixed by Mor Air

Having been a prolific contributor to the Club scene over the past few years, Colin Moir aka Spurz has now begun to release material under the new ambient moniker Mor Air.

His release ‘Life Behind Glass’ that dropped in June has been widely received with a lot of praise so it was only right that we got him to put together this musicallfastintheclub mix, to showcase the various influences behind Mor Air as well some very special exclusive tracks.

You can catch more from Mor Air on his new monthly radio show on Threads.


Sleet – Chihei Hatakeyama [White Paddy Mountain]
Tripout ft. Ry Cooder – Daedelus [Patreon exclusive]
Knight Swam – Hilsa [Youngbloods]
Shirley to Shirley – Félicia Atkinson [Shelter Press]
Never Be – Plains Apparition [Infinito Audio]
A Reminder (Czech Public Transport Field Recording) – Radiohead [Bandcamp]
Ivy Charcoal – Bibio [Warp]
Pantglas – Bibio [Warp]
Chlorine Tourist – D.Hale [Misophonia]
We Sat In The Car – Shlohmo [Friends Of Friends]
Insert Interlude #1 – Mor Air
Humina (an endless thought) {Serpent Power bonus track} – Celesital Trax [True Aether]
L’amore che Muove il Sole (ft. Anna Homler) – Rupert Clervaux [Whities]
TIMESINK – Lorn [Wednesday Sound]
Placate – Mor Air [Genot Centre]
Godspeeeeeeed – B.Michaael [unreleased/forthcoming]
Lost – The Fucking Champs [Bandcamp]
Insert Interlude #2 – Mor Air (ft. a reading of “Please Let Me Sing The Good Notes” by Colin Moir)
State Forrest – Burial [Hyperdub]
Night Falls On The Other Side – Mor Air [unreleased]

Films sampled:
The Bourne Legacy (2012)
Permanent Vacation (1980)
La Jetée (1962)
High Life (2018)


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