Morten_HD – Rip Currents [JEROME]


JEROME are very excited to present ‘Rip Currents’ a mix from Morten_HD consisting exclusively of unreleased, forthcoming tracks and edits from himself, some of which  will never see the light of day except for within this mix.

Meant as a companion piece to his forthcoming album ‘How to Escape a Rip Current’, this mix also captures the sound and styles of one of the most enigmatic and varied producers to come up in recent years. The Mix is somewhat of a collection together all the work done during the album that isn’t on the final product and is a journey through sino-grime synths, gabba kicks, dembow riddims and more signifiers of  crashes up against Morten_HD uncompromising and powerful soundest, bringing to mind cinematic sound masters such as John Carpenter, Vangelis and even Ennio Morricone in his balance of tension and release, making the final product one for both late night commutes and journeys of introspection.

Morten_HD ‘How to Escape a Rip Current’ is set to be released on December 7th on JEROME via Classical Trax.