Kelela’s debut mixtape ‘Cut 4 Me’

With the Night Slugs and Fade To Mind collectives taking care of the production on Kelela‘s debut mixtape, it is set to be a sure-fire explosion in the club. It’s not often that a vocal album will have such emphasis on the quality and importance of the music, which is what sets this mixtape apart and gives it a massive edge.

Of what we’ve heard of the album so far, Kelela’s vocal performance manages to triumph the record despite the impressive production. Her evocative lyrics and soulful yet eery tones make for a strange mixture of joy, tragedy and fear.

Released October 1st on Fade To Mind.


Guns & Synths [Prod Bok Bok, Napolian, Tariq & Garfield]
Enemy [Prod Nguzunguzu]
Floor Show [Prod Girl Unit]
Do It Again [Prod NA]
Go All Night: Let Me Roll [Prod Morri$]
Bank Head (Extended) [Prod Kingdom]
Cut 4 Me [Prod Kingdom]
Keep It Cool [Prod Jam City]
Send Me Out [Prod Kingdom]
Go All Night: Let it Burn [Prod Morri$]
Something Else [Prod Nguzunguzu]
A Lie [Prod Bok Bok]
Cherry Coffee [Prod Jam City]

Keep It Cool [Prod Jam City]

Kelela – Bank Head [Prod Kingdom]