French Fries – Kepler LP [ClekClekBoom]

If you didn’t know, French Fries debut LP comes out on the 24th February on his own label, ClekClekBoom. Much anticipated and sure to be huge, what we’ve heard so far has been incredible. It seems he’s taking influence from the UK in reference to the sparseness of the tracks we’ve heard so far. It also has a very ‘Night Slugesque’ vibe. ‘Forward Action’ almost sounds like the product of Jam City? He’s still hammering those french techno melodies to full effect and with one track featuring Bambounou, he’s still sticking to his roots.

He just uploaded another snippet of one of the featured tracks to his Soundcloud. This one, strangly entitled entitled ‘U.M-An’ shows of his knack for extra minimal but melodic ambience. Those interwoven kicks on a decent system tremble.

2×12″, CD and digital

Full Tracklist

01. Program
02. U.M—An
03. Machine
04. Forward Action
05. Organic Recreation
06. Bug Noticed
07. This Kind Of Setup
08. Trying To Understand Curiosity
09. Change The Past
10. K62 feat. Bambounou
11. Journey To Kepler
12. Reality System
13. Explore