Bérite Club Music mix by Teki Latex

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It should come as no surprise that one of the DJs that has noticed this is Teki Latex. A Parisian DJ himself, Teki has been at the forefront of pushing these artists into the limelight. Teki has taken upon himself to consolidate this point in time into a 1 hour 20 minute mix, featuring some of our favourite French producers to help give us a perspective and once again push this sound.

Here are some words from the man himself:
“When i was doing my weekly DJ-centric web TV broadcast Overdrive Infinity in the last few years i noticed a group of young Parisian DJs and producers forming around the show, kids who would come almost every week and who vaguely knew each other from online. They were all lovers of Grime, US Club styles, Ballroom, Kuduro, Global club music, you name it, just like me. They were the new generation of french underground music makers, but they were also quickly realizing that even though it brilliantly borrowed tropes from different dance music styles originated in various countries, their sound wasn’t specifically french-sounding if that means anything. As i befriended them, we got the idea to try and think of a new identity for a french club sound that didn’t exist anywhere else and that would be a confluence of some of the various electronic music styles which had an impact on the french audience. After a certain number of discussions online and IRL, during sessions in the same studios where Overdrive Infinity was taking place, an embryo of a new genre was slowly being born.

Out of the blue a severe explosion occurred in the building next door to the studio due to a gas leak, making the studio impossible to use and later on forcing parent company Dailymotion to sadly terminate the projects attached to it, Overdrive Infinity included. We no longer had a place to meet regularly but that idea of a new french sound kept flourishing, becoming more and more concrete as we all kept getting together at club nights and whatnot. Towards the end of 2016 the first Bérite Club music tracks (named after Rue de Bérite in honor of the street of the defunct studio) started appearing and being played at small club nights, and just like that a movement was born.

Today i am collecting a lot of these early Bérite Club Music tracks and mixing them together with influences that were discussed during our reunions, trying to put together a sort of manifesto for what Bérite Club Music should, or at least could be, in the form of a sonic collage. It’s a starting point for a new generation of producers to build on, and hopefully take to the next level as the style matures and becomes more and more tangible.”


Molaré – Boucan
De Grandi – 94120 Groove
MHD x OK Lou – Champions League Defeat (Detente Blend)
Aero Manyelo – Yoh
DJ Gregory & Africanism – Block Party
Sylvere – Emergency Call
Maddslinky – Compuphonic (Le Dom edit)
DJ Gregory, Sidney Samson & Dama S – Dama S Salon (Dub)
Bambounou – Dogon
De Grandi – BYE
L-Vis1990 – Ballad 4D (Sylvere edit)
Sunareht – Hyul 10
De Grandi – Cloud
Detente – Generation Assassin (refix)
Franko – Coller la petite
DJ Shoe – Poing
Le Dom – ???
ZaZa TWiNS – CouPer DCaler-OCTOBER 2008
French Fries – Senta (Bambounou remix)
Things With Wings – Yoruba Lesson
Sunareht – Main Sequence
Fréquences Fortes – Toi je sais pas si j’te bérite
Superficie – Cerol
Images – Les Démons De Minuit (Le Dom refix)
Gradur – Oblah ft. MHD & Nyda (Retina Set edit)
Zini – Sirenzz
Feadz & Douster – DJ Quik’s Hair
Le Dom – Stamina
Modjo – Lady (Frequences Fortes raw chops and loops edit)
De Grandi – Sharp
Clubkelly – UDDS
DJJ – hard rum track
Martel Ferdan – Luz
De Grandi – Plans (le Dom edit)
The Phantom – Gothic (De Grandi edit)
De Grandi – Sapristi !
Maahlox Le Vibeur – Tuer pour Tuer
Sunareht & Sylvere – Vervain
Inkke – Pioneer
Thomas Bangalter – What To Do
Le Dom – Bayern (Le Dom & De Grandi refix)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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