Avbvrn – Harmony Revisited

Released July 26 2019 via DECISIONS

Avbvrn returns to DECISIONS with ‘Caldera’, a 6 track release of “unmistakable” music hovering between classical piano, dance and process-driven abstraction. His signature recursive techniques are back in full force: percussion evolves over the course of a track through waves of resampling; melodies are pulverised into texture. Piano — the timbral and expressive qualities of which Avbvrn has “always really loved” — is lurking balefully within our pick of the EP ‘Harmony Revisited’.

Avbvrn’s compositions are dramatic, jagged and haptic, engineered to “bring their own context and rules for engagement, to preserve their character and prevent them from being easily subsumed.”
A gripping acoustic environment of dense striations and smoother ambient counterpoints, Caldera is a rewarding new entry in Avbvrn’s singular catalogue. Artwork by Oriana Fenwick.


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