Ausschuss – Silk Law

Released November 06 2020 via Perpetual Care

Perpetual Care’s ‘Communion’ is the ceremonial bind between – an audio & visual union, conducting a spiritual regime to form remembrance. The following service is presented by: Ausschuss (Circadian Rhythms, Haunter), Jing (6dimensions), Joel Eel (Perpetual Care), TYVYT | IYTYI (Pinkman Records) and introducing: Orchestroll, an orchestral imposture, choirboy supergroup comprised of Montreal’s imprint Éditions Appærent members and long-time collaborators Asaël Robitaille (Bataille Solaire, Orange Milk), Jesse Osborne-Lanthier (raster-noton, Halcyon Veil, Haunter Records) & Pierre Guerineau (Essaie Pas, Ninja Tune, DFA Records).

Limited release of 50, exclusively on Bandcamp to purchase
2.75” diameter, made from whole wheat.
Packaged in a recyclable & re-sealable plastic packet
Silkscreen logo & track listing
1 year shelf life, do not consume
Shipped w/ additional matte black zipper lock packing bag
Portion of proceeds will be donated to the lebanese Red Cross

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